Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Arrow News From Director David Nutter

Legendary Director David Nutter Talks About Launching Arrow

And suddenly my worries about the show are fading again. In brief...

* The show is definitely going to be more mature than Smallville.

* The pilot is DEFINITELY inspired by Green Arrow: Year One. - “The entire sensibility of the show is really based on Green Arrow Year One. We kind of took it from that as our perspective, in some respects, and the look of that opening sequence is one that I wanted to really mix it up. I wanted to make you feel like you’re a part of it...”

Regarding Other DC Comics characters showing up - “You will be seeing DC Universe characters and Green Arrow characters in the series for sure, but it’s really going to be a ‘peel of the onion’ situation, and you’ll see them in a realistic light. They’ll be real people. They won’t be walking in the episode in a crazy outfit or something. We want to make this as grounded as possible, and make it as believable as possible..."

* On that note, apparently Deadshot will be showing up in the third episode.

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