Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Comic Con News Round Up - Part Two

All news from the DC Comics Justice League & Green Lantern panel.

* Earth 2 #0 will show us more of the Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman of that earth before their deaths. There will be eight superheroes or "Wonders" of that time. One of them is apparently Terry Sloan, who is now a villain but has some kind of noble motivation for what he does.

* Alan Scott will basically be the Superman of Earth 2. The heavy hitter and paragon of virtue.

* Wesley Dodds is now Canadian and works for The World Army that has taken over protecting this Earth without superheroes. There will also be an original character leading the World Army named Amir Khan, whom Robinson describes as "Captain Nemo meets Nick Fury."

* Upcoming issues of Earth 2 will reveal Wildcat (who will have some kind of connection to The Red, though they won't use that name) and Dr. Fate, along with several other familiar names working for the government Nicola Scott says we've already met one, but nobody noticed.

* Justice League Dark will be introducing a new character who is described as "the Moriarity to John Constaintine's Sherlock Holmes". Shazam will also be showing up in JL Dark

Robinson called bringing back the Ma Hunkle Red Tornado "a nice challenge", when one fan asked about her returning in Earth 2.

* Geoff Johns is planing to bring back The Metal Men at some point in the future.

* There's no plans for Plastic Man... yet.

* Blue Beetle will NOT be joining the Teen Titans.

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