Thursday, July 12, 2012

Early Thursday Morning San-Diego Comic-Con Report

Already the interesting news is starting to roll in.

* The Arrow pilot premiered at SDCC last night. There's a review of sorts up at Bleeding Cool, but it doesn't go into much detail save to spoil what was apparently the best joke of the episode. The reviewer there said it was a typical superhero story and all the characters were of the standard "type", but didn't elaborate what she meant by that.

Still, it apparently didn't stink on ice, so that's a good sign and the comments from those who saw the pilot underneath the article are - at this time - complaining about how the pilot was much better than than the review gives it credit for.

* Harley Quinn co-creator Paul Dini was apparently ejected from the line at the Mattel booth after raising a stink about not being able to buy a Harley Quinn Polly Pocket figure. Apparently there was a rule about only those with Attendee Badges being able to buy certain exclusive items on preview night, presumably to prevent Pros from exploiting their position to stockpile the elite swag.

Having worked comics retail and known some Pros who do get very "do you know who I am?" about getting anything they can that isn't nailed down, I can appreciate the position of the unfortunate sales people and it's not like most comic fans would recognize Paul Dini on sight. Still, it does seem like this could have been handled somewhat more reasonably given that this is the guy who created the character in the first place and it would have taken about a minute on Google and an ID check to confirm who he was. Link

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