Saturday, June 16, 2012

Green Lantern #10 - A Review

Issue #10 starts right in the thick of it, with Hal Jordan still trapped on the planet Nok.  The good news is that Sinestro, who is Hal's only way off the planet, is no longer brainwashed by the power of the Indigo light of Compassion.  The bad news is that neither are any of the gang of ruthless murderers, criminals and other assorted low-lifes who make up the Indigo Tribe.  

This issue is a poor one for new readers to jump in on but it is an amazing conclusion to what has been an epic chapter in Geoff Johns' on-going revamp of the Green Lantern mythos.  Despite the revelations of the Indigo Tribe being laid bare in previous issues  Johns still delivers a number of surprising moments even as he continues to explore the theme of redemption.  Chief among these is Sinestro's arrogance faltering for a moment as he actually admits that, for once, his way might not be the correct one.  

Doug Mahnke continues to wow the audience with his impressive pencils.  This issue seems to be more lightly linked than previous issues, subtly emphasizing the theme of the issue, vis a vis the lightening of hearts and the world not being quite as dark as we thought.  Truly one of the best books DC Comics has to offer now.  

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