Wednesday, April 18, 2012

THIS JUST IN: Marvel And Disney Possibly Run By Total Maroons!

SOURCE: Marvel cancelling Avengers Earth Mightiest Heroes in favor a new show inline with Ultimate Spider-man

So here's the basic situation. 

1. Disney has a cartoon, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, which airs on their Disney XD channel.  I've only seen a few episodes myself but I agree with the accessment of my friend Rob Bricken that it is the best cartoon based on a Marvel Comic in recent memory, if not ever.  It has lots of action for the kids but at the same time is smart enough that adults can enjoy it too.

2. Jeph Loeb, whom you might remember as the man who had a hand in making the show HEROES utterly unwatchable after its' second season, has been placed in charge of Marvel's TV properties.  He's elected - due to Disney not being thrilled about the relatively low ratings of A: EMH and a desire to make an Avengers cartoon more in line with their new Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon - to cancel the series.

3. This move is coming just weeks before a big Avengers movie is due out, at which point demand for kid-friendly properties involving The Avengers is probably going to soar.

4. Nobody has apparently thought to try moving the new episodes of A: EMH to a more adventageous time-slot (the new episodes currently air on Sunday mornings at a time most Americans are in church or sleeping in) or moving the show onto the main Disney Channel,which is available in more households, in order to improve the ratings.

So... yeah.  Can anyone give me any compelling evidence that Disney or Marvel wouldn't be better off being run by a pack of feral chimps at this point?

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