Monday, March 5, 2012

Green Arrow #7 Preview

SOURCE: Green Arrow gets a 'karmic wipeout' courtesy of Ann Nocenti


* Ann Nocenti is a world-traveler with a history of writing low-powered action heroes and tackling political issues in her work.
* She also has a good track record for creating interesting villains.
* This Ollie, so far, has the most personality out of any take we've seen on him in the DCnU.

* Her research into Ollie's as a character is limited to doing research on Wikipedia.
* The dialogue sounds like it came from a Denny O'Neil comic... from 40 years ago.
* The artwork is poorly inked and the pencils look like a bad parody of Rob Liefeld's work from 20 years ago.
* The first new villain/villians is/are an/several obsessed Green Arrow fan/fans?

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