Friday, March 30, 2012

Good News/Bad News On Arrow Pilot


The Good News -We have our first behind-the-scenes look at Dinah and.she's a brunette.  More, the press for the show is now referring to her as Dinah/Black Canary, though that could just be wishful thinking.  Still, it's a hopeful sign.

The Bad NewsConstantine Drakon has been confirmed as one of the bad guys in the pilot.  For those of you who managed to block it from your memory, let me sum up - Drakon was an "original" creation of Judd Winick, who was basically Bullseye without the charm and such a tremendous badass that Deathstroke needed his help to take on Green Arrow.  No.  Really.  Out of all the villains from Green Arrow's admittedly small rogues' gallery they could have brought to the screen... well, Drakon is one of them.

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