Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stephen Amell Is Green Arrow

SOURCE: Stephen Amell Is Green Arrow: Lands Title Role In CW Drama Pilot ‘Arrow’

They've cast the part of Ollie for the CW's new Arrow - 31 year old Stephen Arnell

While nothing about this pilot announcement has given me any hope thus far, the fact that this guy can grow facial hair, look somewhat disreputable and has a hard look to his eyes that makes him look like he could have spent years lost at sea... well, it doesn't suck. The fact that he was one of the finalists to replace Andy Whitfield on Starz' Spartacus show is also a point in his favor - presumably the casting agents did some testing to make sure the guy could fight with ancient weapons.

Any comments from the peanut gallery? Any of you Ollie-loving ladies getting a vibe from this bloke?

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