Monday, February 27, 2012

I feel a great disturbance in The Force, as if millions of fangirls suddenly cried out in anger...

SOURCE: Star Wars Kinect Wants to Help Us Discover the Slave Leia in All of Us



Yes. Seriously. Watch the video footage, beginning at 4:30 and weep.

*face palms*

Do I even need to begin to explain everything that is wrong with this? Probably not. But beacuse my OCD demands it...

1. Was there really a huge demand for a Star Wars themed DDR rip-off? Or was it added because some marketing weasel thought that only boys would be interested in a light saber dueling/pod-racing game and they needed to add something girly like a dance game?

2. If that's the case, why set it in Jabba's Palace with dancing slave girls? Granting that was the location with the most prominent musical numbers in the whole trilogy, why couldn't it be set at the dance club from Episode 2? It would make just as much sense and the people there WANT to be dancing.

3. Does anyone really think this is a fun basis for a family game? Dance well for your giant slug overlord or Jabba will straight up murder you?

4. She just undoes her own chain collar? Just like that? Then why the hell isn't she escaping unless she... oh gods, are they implying that Leia WANTS to be there?!?

I need a shower.

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