Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Black Canary" Cast for "Arrow" Pilot

SOURCE: Oh Hai TV Green Arrow's Black Canary

"Katie Cassidy has just been cast as Dinah Lance/Black Canary in The CW's increasingly-looking-like-it's-actually-going-to-happen Green Arrow TV series. She's been in the Melrose Place reboot TV series, some Gossip Girl episodes and was also in Supernatural for a while as Ruby, which means she's got quite the The CW pedigree. "

Well, she DOES look the part, I'll give her that. To quote a line from Justice League Unlimited, I wouldn't mind going a few rounds with her and I'm not talking about sparring. Of course we've seen nothing to indicated she'd become Black Canary, even if the pilot does get picked-up to become a series... but I don't see anything here to make me wail and lament anymore than I possibly could have over who is writing and supervising this disaster in the making.

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