Sunday, February 5, 2012

As Far As I'm Concerned, It's Super GIRL Sunday!

Because this made me smile on a day when I sorely needed a reason to do so, I'm going to share a little picture with you all.

Given a number of options for a birthday party, this girl opted for a superhero theme. Reportedly, she and all of her friends had a good time and declared their intent to be superheroes when they grow up. This pleases me both as a comic fan and a librarian who fears that the next generation of young women may spawn more Bella Swans than Kara Zor-Els. And it always does my heart good to see cosplayers doing this sort of thing.

Incidentally, I learned about this from Supergirl, who when she isn't saving the world or entertaining children at parties also works as a Manga artist under the name M. Alice LeGrow. You can check out some of her work on DeviantArt and I highly recommend her TokyoPop published series Bizenghast.

Should there be any readers in the Philadelphia, south-eastern Pennsylvania or New Jersey areas who might be interested in arranging a party for your super girl, please visit Once Upon A Dream.

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