Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Justice League: Doom - Just One Month Away!

There's a brief preview of some footage up at Topless Robot but I posted this older trailer so as to share some news that hasn't been making the rounds as well as other bits of news.

* We knew that Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy were reprising the roles of Superman and Batman respectively.

* We knew this script was the last thing Dwayne McDuffie completed before his untimely passing.

*We knew the script was based on Mark Waid's classic JLA story Tower Of Babel.

But we now know the following as well...

* Michael Rosenbaum, Susan Eisenberg and Carl Lumbly are also back, reprising their roles as The Flash, Wonder Woman and The Martian Manhunter respectively.

* Also returning are Phil Morris, Olivia d'Abo and Alexis Denisof, who voiced Vandal Savage, Star Sapphire and Mirror Master in the original Bruce Timm produced Justice League animated series.

* The real big news? Hal Jordan will be once again be voiced by Captain Tightpants himself - Nathan Fillion.

I think this may well be the best animated film DC Comics has made yet.

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