Friday, January 13, 2012

CW Announces Pilot For Green Arrow TV Show - Starman Develops A New Ulcer!

SOURCE: The CW Nearing Pilot Order For Green Arrow TV Series ‘Arrow’

I was actually hopeful - perhaps foolishly so - for a moment. But the more I read, the more I realized how bad this could be. And then I knew that this was going to suck like a black hole.

So what brought this revelation on?

Was it the news that this was being developed for CW that got me? No. The core concept of Ollie's character is such that you could make him a college-age guy and it could still work. Just have the brat prince get forced to play Survivor The Home Game and come away from it realizing how lucky he is and how he has a responsibility to help the helpless.

Was it the announcement that the show was called "Arrow"? No. Catchy, one-word titles are par for the course for dramatic series.

Was it the announcement that the show "sets him in a new world with an original story that is not based on the comics"? No, because the current Green Arrow book basically did the same thing with its' concept of Oliver Queen as Steve Jobs with a bow.

Was it the fact that the show's own writer/producers don't seem to know anything more about the show other than that it won't have any previous connection to the comics? No, because that's frequently the case in Hollywood. Staff writers are brought in to write someone else's creative undertaking after the pilot episode all the time.

Was it the announcement that the pilot was being written by former Green Arrow/Black Canary writer Andrew Kreisberg, who was also serving as the show's executive producer/show runner?

YES. THAT was it!

oh,wailywailywailywaily... lament! lament! rue! rue!

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