Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Abobo's Big Adventure - A Review

A labor of love six years in the making was released today, to thus far near-unanimous positive reviews. I speak of Abobo's Big Adventure which is fast on its' way to becoming the Indy Game hit of 2012.

Starring Abobo - the man-mountain first-stage boss of the original Double Dragon game - the plot is simplicity itself and the stuff of classic console gaming. Your son Aboboy has been kidnapped by dark forces unknown. Your mission is to fight your way through several mayhem filled levels, doing the impractical, the obscene and the totally impossible along the way.

The controls are simplicity itself. You use the arrows to move and have two buttons for punching, kicking, swimming or whatever any given level may require. The one constant is a rage meter, which you fuel by kicking ass without taking damage. Power it up and you can clear the whole screen with a level-appropriate special attack.

The various stages are full of the flotsam and jetsam of games long past. For instance, the game's second level - a tribute to the numerous water levels we all hated - will pit Abobo against characters from Super Mario Bros, Mega Man II, Goonies 2 and yes... Jaws, the NES game. Another level is a lost Legend of Zelda dungeon. Yet another involves the old NES Pro Wrestling game...

This game is funny, like a good/bad action movie and over-the-top in just the right ways. It is pure, unabashed insanity like the games of old. I should note that with options to mate with a mermaid and then using your own freak babies as a protective shield or the ability to behead innocent bystanders and use their body parts to raise your health or their broken bodies as weapons, this game should definitely not be played by small children.

Long story short. I like it. If you're a fan of old-school gaming , you'll probably like it too. This is easily the greatest tribute to 8-bit gaming since the Scott Pilgrim series. And now, let us close this up with a totally inappropriate meme.

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