Sunday, October 2, 2011

Doctor Who, Series 6 - Episode 13 - The Wedding Of River Song


Faced with imminent death, The Doctor seeks answers as to exactly why he is fated to die at a certain fixed point in time. After a journey across time and space, in which he learns more of the menace known only as The Silence. Satisfied by the answers he finds, he goes to face his death unflinching... only for River Song to attempt to change that which cannot be changed. Suddenly, The Doctor finds himself in a reality where all of time is happening at once. Where Roman Centurions wait for red lights, children live in fear of pterodactyl attacks in the park and Winston Churchill is the Holy Roman Emperor of Britain...


* Steven Moffat's script offers us a lot of spectacle - from flying balloon cars and a cross-continent steam-engine to a deadly game of electrified chess and

* Lots of solid performances from the whole cast. Matt Smith is never going to be my favorite Doctor but he has been nailing the role lately and gets some great moments here.


* Even after a second viewing, the Timey-Wimey aspects of this script are a bit confusing. I originally thought that The Doctor had some way of making himself fire-proof rather than that he was inside the robot disguised as him when River "killed" him, though we knew he was there when he married River in the alternate timeline.

* Rory plays the fool. Again.

* For that matter, how do The Doctor and River "touch" to restart time when it's really a robot body?

* The first question is "Doctor Who?" That's a little bit meta even for Steven Moffat.


A solid conclusion for the series that leaves us with more questions than answers. The cast is top notch and Moffat's script offers us a lot of bang for our buck. Shame you get the feeling that the cool bits were created first and that the plot was added in later.

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