Sunday, October 23, 2011

52 Pick-Up - Week Three, Part One

BATMAN #2 - There's something very surreal about reading this comic, which opens with Bruce Wayne falling off of a tower, after playing Arkham City - which has a lot of the same landmarks and maybe a few people falling out of towers. Regardless, Scott Snyder tells a solid story centering around a secret society called the Court of Owls that has apparently been hiding out in Gotham and running things behind the scenes for years. While I share Bruce's skepticism about such a group existing without him knowing about it, Snyder's story is compelling enough that I trust him to explain this eventually. Capullo's art is still visually perfect for depicting the world of Gotham City, though his visual storytelling is a bit spotty at times, like on the page when we see how Bruce survived his fall thanks to a particular gargoyle. Still, this one is going on the pull list.

BIRDS OF PREY #2 - The logic train hit me hard with this issue. As of last issue, Dinah Lance is reportedly an outlaw framed for a murder she didn't commit. This is, apparently, a problem for her personally. Explain then why she recruits Katana - a known killer - for her team? It doesn't do much for your reputation to be seen with a known killer. While I can swing with the idea of this team being much a darker shade of grey than most hero groups (Indeed, I think of the original Birds of Prey the only person who hadn't killed someone before was Oracle and even she came damn close to killing The Joker herself on a few occasions.), I don't understand why, if you're part of a team that is willing to kill in the name of justice, it's really that big of a deal to be wanted to a crime you didn't commit. This pales, however, to the continuity issues in the art and how Dinah Lance is magically able to appear on a getaway airport trolley next to Starling, despite having been behind the security guards that were chasing after Starling earlier. Much as it pains me, I'll be passing on this until such time as Gail Simone returns.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #2 - Trust Peter Tomasi to find a way to take the plot of Spaceballs and make it into a serious intergalactic drama! Picking up where last issue left-off, a group of Green Lanterns investigates a crime scene - an entire planet that died with two Green Lanterns present, their ring fingers cut off. The culprits turn out to be a group of aliens who have begun stealing resources from other planets in order to make up for their own lack of water and forests. Fernando Pasarin's art is a great as ever. A must read for any Green Lantern fans or lovers of cop dramas ...IN SPACE!

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