Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Doctor Who, Series 6 - Episode 11 - The God Complex


The Doctor, Amy and Rory find themselves in a hotel where every room is filled with a nightmare. A worst nightmare. And somewhere out there is your worst nightmare. All you have to do is find your room. Teamed with other stranded souls and with no clues other than the written account of another woman taken by the monster wandering the labyrinthine halls, our heroes struggle to find a way out before they all succumb to the beast’s power, beginning to “Praise Him" just before the end comes...


* This episode has a great metaphysical concept - a hotel full of nightmares. There's a reason why hotels are a frequent setting for horror movies - there is nothing quite as inherently uncomfortable as a place that is meant to be homey but is equally not a home. This is the kind of story really only Doctor Who can do.

* Lots of Grade-A nightmare fuel here for the kiddies. From the parent who is angry about your grades to the requisite scary clowns, scary girls and a room full of living, laughing ventriloquist dummies. *shudders* And I thought nothing could top the faceless dolls from Night Terrors.

* This episode has easily the best supporting cast of any episode this season, with all of the characters being instantly sympathetic - from the nerdy Howie to the sharp-witted Rita.


* The ending, I am sad to say, is rushed and lazy. It’s a bit unbelievable that The Doctor can so easily shatter Amy’s faith in him with just a few words in under a minute.

* Equally unbelievable is The Doctor’s trashing a room in anger over the death of a woman he barely knew. Why is that unbelievable? The current incarnation of The Doctor didn’t show that much anger when he feared Amy had been kidnapped and she and her baby were in danger. I can believe he'd be angry. I can't believe he'd vent that anger in such a childish and violent fashion over this point.

* Finally - The thing Amy finds the most faith in is The Doctor not abandoning her? The Doctor always saving her? Seriously? This from the wife of The Last Centurion? Again, I say - Rory is too good for Amy.


A brilliant concept and wonderful supporting cast is let down in the end by a rushed ending. It's truly scary - even to adults - at points but ultimately it's merely an okay episode.

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