Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Penultimate Post - And Why Not To Panic About The News From DC Comics Today.

I had been hoping to avoid posting here for a while longer. But current events demand comment.

SOURCE:DC UNIVERSE Reboots in September, Same Day Digital Linewide

DC Comics Rebooting their universe again? That's hardly news. Given recent events in the comics, most figured it was inevitable. Still, as a fan I'm excited about the prospect of a Geoff Johns written/Jim Lee drawn Justice League book. And I'm cautiously optimistic about what this could mean given that what we've seen so far is suggesting the "back to basics" approach to the characters that the fans have been demanding for several years now. Just don't put Judd Winick on Green Arrow or Birds of Prey...

DC moving toward Same-Day Digital downloads of new comics? It's about bloody time someone started trying to make some progress on this issue. The market has been demanding digital comic distribution for a while now and with the increasing sales of Nooks and other full-color e-reader devices, it just makes sense. I doubt this is going to effect the FLCS too much - they're already catering to a niche market and most of the people who patronize local comic shops prefer the feel of a book in their hands anyway. Besides, I think most of those businesses make their money off the sales of older comics - not newer ones.

In short, the sky is not falling. We have to hope that this will be a change for the better. Given the state of DC Comics as a whole in the last few years, it could hardly be worse and many of the titles (I'm thinking Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman) could benefit by being taken back to basics.

Thank you.

Now, as for why I'd been avoiding posting here lately...

It occurred to me recently that this blog has changed a bit over the last few years. It used to be entirely about comics but - as time has passed - it's become a little more about all of my geeky interests. Cosplaying. Gaming. Shadowcasting. All of this has come up at one time or another, with only a nebulous link to the original intent of this blog.

So I am closing this blog down. Looking To The Stars is going back into the aether from which it was spawned... so that I may bring you an entirely new blog about everything I am interested in and hope you are, in part if not in full, interested in too.

Will there be comic reviews? Yes, but I'd like to try and do more reviews of Trade Paperbacks and full storylines rather than single issues. It was tactfully pointed out to me that I'm at my best when I'm discussing whole stories rather than parts of that whole.

Will the Doctor Who reviews keep going? Yes, I will continue to review the current series of Doctor Who. I might even be persuaded to go back and review some of the episodes from the classic series.

What else can we expect? Reviews of movies I liked. Discussions of bad movies I made fun of. All of the same snark and sarcasm you've come to expect from me here.

You can also expect a complete archive of darn near everything I've ever written for every comics magazine I've ever worked for.

I'll come back here and post the link once everything is ready.

Until then, good night, stay frosty and call your mother! She's worried about you!

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