Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wonder Woman Pilot Not Picked Up : Fans Receive News With Mixture Of Relief And Disappointment

SOURCE: It’s Official: NBC Has Passed On Wonder Woman

My hopes weren't high but it is sad to know the show won't even be given a chance after all the publicity it received. The worst part is that we'll have to endure another round of taunts about how this is proof that nobody cares about Wonder Woman and/or female superheroes in general.


  1. Well, could end up on HBO or something.
    Honestly, I head-desked over most of what I was reading about this so I can't say I'm TOO disappointed.

  2. Yeah, but it's still going to be seen by many as an indictment of strong, female characters in general and properties aimed at geek women in particular... even if it was a crummy adaptation of Wonder Woman...

  3. Shame I had hopes for the actress, but my other big hope was that David E. Kelley would be canned and suddenly JOss whedon would show up magically.. but then again I'm kind of pissed at him. Also I'm sure it will end up on Youtube... let us be glad we are being spared the second coming of the BoP tv show with Wondy instead.
    I'm wondering if the folks at NBC finally saw the animated movie that they did a couple years ago.. which was Freaking AWESOME.

  4. Cartoon? Nah, we don't need to see that. We're making adult entertainment.