Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Secret Six #33

GOOD THING: It's hard to narrow down to just one thing, what with the picture-perfect images of personal hells that Simone creates for most of the Six. But I'd have to say my favorite part is the ironic hell that Catman's dad is trapped in... and Etrigan's rhyme regarding the thin line between Heaven and Hell.

BAD THING: It's looking more and more like Liana is going the way of a thousand other comic book girlfriends. It's a credit to Simone that such a minor character can inspire such emotion. Still doesn't make me feel any better about it... even if the odds are equally good that Scandal might choose to save her over Knockout.

The Final Verdict: Secret Six is not the best villain book on the market today - it's the best villain book ever!


  1. When making deals with the devil, even if you win, you lose. That's why it's called 'hell'.

  2. Parademon finding hell enjoyable in comparison to Apokalips is all kinds of brilliantly screwy.

  3. Never make a Faustian Pact. Do you know how many lawyers they have down there working for The Devil?

  4. Sort of. Then again, given that most of the people on Apokalips are masochists to some degree or another, it makes sense that most of them would probably like Hell.
    Think the dental patient played by Bill Murray in the Little Shop of Horrors musical. :)

  5. Wasn't Knockout one of the Female Furies? As I dare say this may be setting things up so she stays in hell, because she can 'take it' better than Scandal's stripper girlfriend can.
    Which in turn will lead to more angst when Scandal's girlfriend leaves her in order to live a better life and not actually go back to hell (or something).
    Or maybe this is just me talking out of my butt. Isn't that what the internet's for?

  6. There's also the fair chance that Knockout isn't the same person after having been broken by Hell.
    As for the butt-talking... yeah. Pretty much.