Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Conan: The Road Of Kings #4

BAD THING: As before, the art is the weakest link in this book. There is little consistency from panel to panel and the female characters frequently look... odd.

GOOD THING: The writing is, as before, top notch, with Roy Thomas managing to deliver the goods, even as he retreads familiar territory. Honestly, if i had a dollar for every comic I've read where Conan is taken before a corrupt ruler in chains... I could probably afford all the Savage Sword of Conan TPs I don't already own.

The Final Verdict: As with the previous issues, there's a classic-style Conan story which is ill-served by inconsistent artwork. For Roy Thomas fans and Conan purists only. Art snobs probably won't enjoy it.

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