Monday, June 30, 2003

Looking To The Stars: A Humble Request

I’ve gotten more letters in the last two weeks regarding “A Modest Proposal” than I have to any one column I have written before. I suspect, though I can’t prove it that I have gotten more mail about it than all my other columns combined.

I feel it worth noting that every single one of those dozens of e-mails agreed with the basic message of my proposal. That nobody should be treated like an outsider or a sheep when in a comic store, that the publishers are not doing enough at this time to meet the needs of the majority of their potential fans and that things are not yet hopeless. Indeed, much is being done to try and win more children and women into the hobby and for the first time in decades, things are starting to look better.

But I’ve had my time to preach. Now it is your turn. Already I have collected some of the best letters of the ones I have received. Letters that posed questions to me I hadn’t thought of and raised points I did not address.

I would like to answer all these questions and more. But I would like to hear from even more of you. I suspect there are quite a few of you out there who have a story worth telling of your experiences. Surely there are a few women out there with horror stories of being hit on by unwashed clerks. A few parents saddened by the lack of Richie Rich and Unca Scrooge on the shelves. There may even be someone who disagrees with my proposal and thinks that things are just fine as is.

At any rate, whoever you are, whatever your stories and your opinions… I want to hear from you all. Tell me what you thought of the article and if you thought that I missed anything. Tell me where I went wrong or astray and tell me what can be done to fix what I got wrong in my ramblings. Tell me that I’m a brilliant genius, that what I wrote was perfect and that I should be running my own comic company.

Don’t laugh, folks. Someone DID send that already. No marriage proposals yet, but hope springs eternal.

Tune in next week. Same Matt Time. Same Matt Website.

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