Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Call To Action - For The Boobs Of Jill Pantozzi And All Geek GirlsEverywhere!

SOURCE: Having Tits and Liking Spider-Man Isn’t Shocking Anymore
(Do a Google Search for the title if you want to read the whole thing. I refuse to give them any more traffic.)

Earlier today, a writer by the name of Zooey Mae - a self professed employee of TWO comic book stores - ranted about how the idea of women enjoying comic books, role-playing games and other geeky hobbies should not be nearly as shocking as the mainstream media treats it.

On this point, I think we can all agree.

She then went on to rally against women who are the geek equivalent of gay-for-pay: i.e. they only pretend to be interested in geeky things or bat their eyelashes about how embarrassed they are by their geeky hobby.

Again, I can sympathize. I personally find geek shame - male or female - to be incredibly annoying.

The problem is that Zooey then went after a specific target. A specific target who is probably the last person in the world to deserve the charge of being a faux-geek grrl. I am speaking of Jill Pantozzi - the author of Has Boobs, Reads Comics. If you read my little blog, odds are you know who Jill is. And if you don't, you should go read her stuff right now.

Don't worry. I'll wait.

All done? Awesome, right?

Now, I'm probably the last person in the world who should be leading the charge against someone for venting their spleen on the Internet. God knows that if I had $100 for every poorly-spelled, profanity-filled e-mail I got from a Scott Kurtz fan, I could pay off my student loans. And yet, here I am. Because if a lifetime of reading superhero comics has given me nothing else, it has given me a highly developed sense of justice.

I don't think Jill needs my protection. I don't need to play the White Knight for her or anybody else. She's a tough lady who can take care of herself. And a whole lot of people - more prominent than me - have already come to her defense.

That's not what this is about, though I do find myself deeply disturbed by anyone whose response to not liking the name of someone's blog is to "punch her in her stupid boobs". Even if the someone in question isn't an MD patient with limited mobility!

No, I'm calling attention to this because I believe in a higher standard of criticism. A standard that demands that you write more than a paragraph when you're trying to make a complicated point. A standard that requires you to run the spell-check BEFORE people start complaining about your article and how amateurish it looks. A standard that demands you not end your rants with a sudden, unexpected and totally unrelated complaint about Joss Whedon fans.

If you agree with me - that poorly-written and poorly-edited rants have no place on a so-called professional website - I urge you to write to the management of Synthesis and make your opinions known in a nice, respectful and polite manner.

Thank you.

(Man, what is it with me and posts about how Nerdy Girls Exist lately?)


  1. This may not be the classy response you had in mind, but there are--I'm certain--plenty of people already doing that. So I'm going the other route. The boobs route.

  2. Eh... I can't complain. They ARE very nice boobs.

  3. They can pry our boobs from my COLD DEAD HANDS!!!