Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Green Lantern #65 (War Of The Green Lanterns, Part 4)

GOOD THING: The interplay between Hal and Guy is played with pretty well, as you throw two men's men against each other... literally, in this scene.

Guy is a little off, but I'm willing to write that off as stress and not Johns going out of his way to make Hal Jordan looking like the most awesome guy ever. Why? Because...

BAD THING: ... Johns allows Hal to make some pretty big mistakes later on in the issue, when he comes up with the plan to use the rings belonging to the other Corps.

While it's gratifying to see that Hal won't be portrayed as being completely perfect (a frequent accusation in Johns' GL work) one still has to wonder...

a) ... why he lets Guy take the Red Ring of Rage when Guy has already admitted to having trouble controlling his anger after having worn the ring once.

b) ...why he refuses to let John take the Orange Ring of Avarice, saying that the power is totally corrupting and soul-destroying... yet he has no trouble with Guy taking the equally destructive Red Ring of Rage?

c) ... why does he allow Kyle to take the Blue Ring of Hope when - he knows first hand - that the Blue Lanterns can't do much save super-charge Green Lantern Rings... which is a very bad thing when you're fighting an army of Green Lanterns?

d) ... why does Hal allow everyone - except John Stewart - to pick the ring they want?

e) ... isn't it a little racist that John Stewart was given The Ring Of The Indigo Tribals?

There's just a TON of Unfortunate Implications all around...

The Final Verdict: The good news is that Hal isn't portrayed as being a totally perfect hero. The bad news is that he shouldn't be THIS stupid and/or much of a jerk.


  1. Given the circumstances, Guy should've had yellow (prior experience) and Kyle Indigo. Give John Violet (of the lot, he's the only one who actually -was- married), and leave Hal with Avarice (c'mon, he's the only one who's gone around wearing -every- other ring.)

  2. Yeah, but Kyle has the most experience with dealing with Love. Especially given that he was resurrected by the Star Sapphires once before.
    And didn't they say last issue he was more of a lover than a fighter, anyway?
    I'd give Kyle Violet and John Red. Of course then that would make John the Angry Black Man and... oh, that would be even worse than having him in the tribe with all the reforming criminals...

  3. Oh god, now you've got me remembering that really goofy love-leer Kyle was flashing at Donna in "JLA/Titans" or whatever it was.
    Although I'm suddenly thinking you're gonna tell me giving John Violet would make him... Shaft.

  4. They say that John Stewart is one bad mutha-