Saturday, April 2, 2011

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Queen Sonja #15

GOOD THING: We get a lot of great insights into Sonja's past and character here, as in the previous issues of this story. Here we see her first true adventure as Red Sonja as her first love dies and Sonja turns her vengeance upon the guards of the city and her treacherous mentor, the thief-wizard Jubal

BAD THING: The artwork. Dear Tarim, the artwork! Bad enough that it still looks sketchy and under-inked. Now there's continuity problems on top of everything else, with Sonja's slavegirl costume mysteriously spawning the shoulder pads and torc her traditional chainmail bikini costume always had.

I was willing to allow for the possibility that she added on to the outfit later, perhaps paying someone to have the extra armor added onto the halter. But the writing completely eliminates that possibility as Sonja visits her criminal contact and we find out that the multi-page reign of terror we see depicted on the earlier pages all took place over the course of one morning!

The Final Verdict: The artwork problems of previous issues continue unabated, made worse by continuity issues that make it seem that Sonja's slavegirl disguise from previous issues has magically sprouted armored shoulder pads! Still, the story is lively and does much to offer insight into Sonja's character.

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