Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Green Arrow #11

BAD THING: There's a few odd moments vis-à-vis the action from panel to panel.

I know we can take it as read that Ollie drew his bow, set an arrow on fire and shot the evil plant monster... but it's still a bit jarring to see Ollie pulling an arrow out of himself in one panel and then see the enemy he is facing on fire in the next panel.

GOOD THING: The direction of Green Arrow this past year - which has been more retrospective than active - has turned off many readers who didn't want to read about an Oliver Queen who was reexamining his motivations and his place in the world. They didn't want to see him confront his inner demons or his fears that he is no better than his scoundrel of a father. They didn't want to see him acknowledge past misdeeds and personal mistakes.

They wanted the Oliver Queen who was, first and foremost, a man of action. They wanted the Oliver Queen who stood up and did what needed to be done and spoke the truths that needed to be said no matter how much they hurt. They wanted The Longbow Hunter. They wanted The Emerald Archer. They wanted A Hero.

With this issue, they finally got him.

From this panel on... we get our Ollie back. And if you've been avoiding the title lately because the mysticism of previous issues isn't your cup of tea, I beg you to check this one out. Because this... this is easily the best Ollie moment we've had in years.

The Final Verdict: With this issue, we finally see a side of Oliver Queen that has been missing for a long while: the man of action and hero. The past few months of introspection were necessary to bring us to this point - the point where the man who will not back down in the face of evil stands up and says "No. Not while I'm here." The Green Arrow we know and love is back... and it's about damn time.

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