Saturday, April 2, 2011

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About GL: Emerald Warriors #8 (War Of The Green Lanterns, Part 3)

BAD THING: Am I the only one disturbed that things are being set up - once again - for the four Green Lanterns of Earth to be the big damn heroes who save everyone? In Part 2, Ganthet all but sacrificed himself to keep John Stewart and Kyle Rayner from falling under Parallax's corruption or being killed by the enslaved Green Lanterns. Here, Kilowog takes Guy out of the fight, taking himself out of the picture for the time being while telling Guy to figure out what's going on.

It's true to form for Kilowog to want to keep an eye on his fellow Lanterns, even at risk to himself. But it would be nice if he were included in one of these big multi-part adventures without seeming like the token alien.

GOOD THING: The centerpiece of the issue - the fight between Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner - is a thing of beauty, wonderfully illustrated and carefully written. Tomasi draws upon the bad blood in the characters' past, letting it spill over into the current conflict.

The Final Verdict: One of the best fights in Green Lantern history, as Hal and Guy go at it, rings-a-blazing. The only downside is I can't help but be mildly annoyed that - thus far - it seems like the Boys From Earth are going to save everyone. Again.

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