Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Warlord of Mars #5

BAD THING: It just hit me how very slow-paced this book is. Really, not much has changed in the last few issues regarding John Carter's position as a warlord/prisoner of the green Martians. While I think the pace would suit a true graphic novel adaptation of the original stories, it seems very drawn out for a monthly periodical comic.

GOOD THING: Thankfully, there is a lot of good drama and sword-and-sorcery style romance here. And while the pacing is sedate, it still manages not to be dull.

The Final Verdict: A good book, but I think I'll be picking it up in TP format from now on. Amazingly, I have the patience to wait for a complete book but not for the next month's issue given the leisurely pacing from chapter to chapter.

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