Saturday, March 5, 2011

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Warlord of Mars #4

BAD THING: Quite a bit of the artwork is over-inked and over-shadowed.

GOOD THING: After three-issues of cheesecake covers featuring her, the Martian warrior princess Dejah Thoris finally enters the action.

The Final Verdict: If you like Pulp Comics, you'll love Warlord of Mars!


  1. Wow. Martian pasties.
    Y'know, I kinda wish they'd just draw her naked and have done with it. I mean, this kinda stuff just looks silly.

  2. Well, in the defense of the artist, I think they are trying to stay true to the image of the character as first presented by Frank Frazetta.

    Is it wrong that I wonder about the physics of Red Martian nipple jewelry? Cause I'm thinking those HAVE to be piercings rather than being glued on.

  3. I wonder if someone forgot to ink the rest of it in and just left the tips of the pasties.

  4. Either that or Martian women have iron nipples.