Saturday, March 5, 2011

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Queen Sonja #13

GOOD THING: This story gives us a new origin for Sonja's infamous chainmail bikini armor and it is, out of all the tales we've been given, probably the most plausible. While a part of me finds it hard to believe that Sonja would continue to wear what was meant to be a slave's garments as armor (even in tribute to her fallen first-love) I can't deny that the story is compelling and certainly makes a good deal more sense than her finding the odd armor in an old tomb (the Cross Plains Comics origin given in their only Red Sonja book) or continuing to wear the costume given to her by a king who sought to put her in his harem (i.e. The Marvel origin).

BAD THING: The artwork is as bad as ever, being sketchy and oddly inked.

The Final Verdict: As before, a good story with bad artwork.


  1. I don't read the book, but wow, that art. It doesn't seem to fit with the whole idea of Sonja, either. This does not look like a place where blood gets spattered, and that's just not right. This is superhero art. I'd want fantasy-gore art. (Although, as I don't know how much blood is actually shown, I may be a bit off.)

  2. It doesn't get sprayed about and there's no graphic close-ups of smashed in heads. But you're right.
    Actually, on reflection, it looks like the colorist didn't make the blood red! In the first panel, there's a spot where it LOOKS like there's supposed to be blood... but the way it is colored it looks like a rip in the man's tunic!
    And good call. I was so busy looking at how odd the inking and shading was that I hadn't even noticed how everyone in this comic looks like they are getting punched rather than having their head hit with a mace or being cut with a sword.
    And in panel 2 it looks like the one man just punched out his friend!
    And I have no idea how the physics of panel 3 are supposed to work... he kicked a door in on the guy's head... even though the door swings out into the next room?!