Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DC Universe On-Line: Second Thoughts

I went and read some of the other reviews of this game. Saw a lot of complaints about random bugs, random lag, the crappy chat system, some of the PVP fights in the open zones being arbitrarily difficult since it doesn't limit who can participate or curve the levels accordingly and how you have to go hunting for costume pieces rather than being able to start out with what you want.

These are all very valid complaints and they are accurate.

However, all the faults this game has are minor ones. And they are quickly forgotten during the moments like this...

That's Beau Hunter. Fighting The Joker. With BATMAN.

You wouldn't think that would have power over a 32 year old fanboy... but it just hits you.

You. Are fighting The Joker. With Batman.

And that is awesome.


  1. And best of all he's not telling you to stay out of his city.

  2. Well, after you save Robin twice, it's kinda hard for him not to at least tolerate you.

  3. (inappropriate Batman and Robin "partner" joke)