Monday, February 28, 2011

Comic Awards Completely Meaningless. Also, There Is No God.

What makes me say that? The fact that The Rise Of Arsenal was nominated for the Prism award for "outstanding accomplishments in the accurate depiction of substance abuse and mental health disorders: prevention, treatment and recovery..."

SOURCE: Justice League: Rise Of Arsenal Nominated For Prism Awards

I'll remind you that this is the comic in which recovering heroin addict Roy Harper falls off the wagon in record time, proves unable to get it up after he attempts to rape the supervillain assassin Cheshire and winds up suffering hallucinations where he is talking to his first drug dealer and his dead daughter and winds up beating a gang of drug-dealers up using a dead cat as a weapon. Or protecting the dead cat that he thinks is his dead daughter - it's really not clear in the artwork.

The point is that this is the biggest joke since James Robinson got nominated for a Best Writer Eisner Award for Justice League: Cry For Justice and that to call this comic an "accurate depiction" of anything other than a terrible story is a mockery of all that is good and decent.

So yeah... comic awards are totally meaningless. Just like the awards for everything else. Big shocker, right?


  1. I swear, every time I think I can explain the scenes in RoA you just described, and that I am immune to their batshittery, I still end up with my mouth hanging open before laughing in shock.
    The comic industry needs a Razzie.

  2. You hadn't heard about this horrible thing before now?