Saturday, January 1, 2011

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Green Lantern Corps #55

BAD THING: The last page points out one worrying point, especially in light of the last Green Lantern - where the heck is Sinestro in all of this?

We just saw Sinestro leave Earth in a hurry... but he isn't here leading his Corps. This isn't really a bad thing but I am fearful - given the rather weird timeline regarding some of the events between the Green Lantern books right now (i.e. when did Atrocitus send his message to Guy and Ganthet and why didn't he mention the Hope and Compassion entities being captured along with the Fear one?) - whether this is a continuity error or not.

GOOD THING: My worries about Soranik being a damsel in distress for this whole story? Totally unfounded, as she loots The Weaponeer's own armory after he takes away her ring but doesn't bother to restrain her.

The Final Verdict: A good issue that eliminated some of my fears about this storyline, though worries about some of the timing persist.


  1. I'm not sure, but I think Sinestro may have ordered his Corps in, without going there himself for the purpose of pissing the Weaponeer off.

  2. Probably so. But he wouldn't need to leave Earth to do that!