Thursday, January 20, 2011

DC Comics Drops The Comics Code!

SOURCE: DC Drops The Comics Code

The new standard is the same as the one DC used for their DCX Manga Line.

E = Everyone
T = Teens (12+)
T+ = Older Teens (16+)
M = Mature (18+)

All Vertigo Comics will continue to be labeled "For Mature Readers".


  1. Alright! I shall eagerly look forward to 'CRIME AND PIN-UP GIRL STORIES.'
    Because really, if you're gonna drop the comics code, you might as well get right to the good stuff, right?

  2. Now we'll have to see how well they do at FOLLOWING that code. Marvel's had some pretty risque stuff that was rated for not age appropriate.

  3. Shame Warlord got canceled. I'd love to see what Mike Grell could do with a non-CCA fantasy title.

  4. Too true.
    Thankfully, DC's code...
    1) is much more straight forward than Marvel's (E for Everyone vs. A for 9 and Up)
    2) is similar with the standards used by most Manga Publishers. (i.e. Marvel uses T+ to mark books for 13 year olds. Everyone else uses T+ for 16 and up)
    3) lacks an equivalent Marvel's A (9+) rating, which is where most of Marvel's ratings problems were.
    The drunken Spider-Man one-night-stand and subsequent "Ha-ha! Rape is funny!" storyline? A-rated book.
    The New Avengers title where Doctor Doom calls Ms. Marvel a fat whore? A-rated.
    I've heard that they depicted a scene where Tony Stark was waking up in bed naked to some strange woman in one of the All Ages titles, but i haven't seen scans of that one to confirm it.

  5. This is basically the same code DC used for the CMX manga imprint, just imported over to the rest of the DC books.

  6. This might be interesting. I'll wait to see how it goes before either jumping for joy or wailing and gnashing my teeth.

  7. *clears throat* Uh, dude? *points up* I totally said that already. :)