Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Low For Conservatives in USA, As Racist Half-Wits Protest MuslimBatman of Paris

SOURCE:Racists Totally Freak Out Over Muslim 'Batman of Paris'

This article at Comics Alliance says everything I need to say about this and more. But I do love how the same people who have promoted the "cheese-eating surrender monkey" stereotype of The French for years are now screaming bloody murder about how insulting it is to proud traditions of The French Army to have one of France's representatives in the League of Batmen to be a black Muslim and master of parkour.


  1. Well, those guys are assholes and nobody really listens to them.
    This said, Algerian Parkour Batman in Paris sounds awesome .

  2. It does, doesn't it?
    Sadly, I'm afraid some people DO listen to these assholes.

  3. It makes perfect sense that they had Dick Grayson train the Parkour guy, too.
    I haven't noticed a similar outburst yet about the Batman of Japan. Nightrunner doesn't even get a cape. :P

  4. Gee, I wonder why. Could it be that the people making a big deal about this only care about black Muslims for some reason?

  5. Or rather, rallying against the positive portrayal of black Muslims, in order to strike a blow against those they perceive to be black Muslims? ;)