Thursday, November 18, 2010

One More Thought On Green Lantern #59

Special thanks to for pointing this out in our weekly comics talk.

One thing from the new issue I didn't mention in my original review. Namely, the revelation that the Indigo Light of Compassion seems to seek out and redeem those who don't have any. In this opening scene, we see the Indigo Tribe come for a paramedic who gives preference to the insured over the more severely injured. And of course we know that The Tribe claimed Black Hand as a member at the end of Blackest Night.

Why do I mention this? Because in the wake of this revelation, suddenly the disconnect between the Ray Palmer of Blackest Night (i.e. the man who was judged most capable of everyone on Earth for feeling great compassion even for those who wronged him) and the Ray Palmer of Cry for Justice (i.e. the man who was jumping around in the sinus cavities of his enemies trying to get information out of them ) has disappeared completely.

Now... if only we had an explanation for how a pretentious, nit-picking dick like Barry Allen got a Hope ring...


  1. Actually, Shane was the guy who was mainly concerned for degree of the injury. But he didn't get an Indigo ring, he got the emotional entity itself.

  2. the other guy had darker and more hair and was heavier. He also called his partner Shane, which is the guy who got Proselyte