Sunday, November 7, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Secret Six #27

BAD THING: At this point, fans of The Warlord series are bound to have some questions. Why is Travis Morgan's armor on display in the home of his old friend and fellow king Machiste? Isn't Tinder aka Joshua Morgan wearing his father's old armor and fulfilling his old role as Warlord of Shamballa anymore? Why isn't Shamballa doing anything to help Machiste repel the invaders being led by Bane? Is sending Shakira the extent of the help they are offering? If so, why is Shakira - who knows better than anyone about the evils of the wizard Deimos - encouraging Machiste to use an artifact to bring him back from the dead? If not, what is Shakira doing in Machiste's kingdom since she seemed to be hanging around Tinder and keeping an eye on him following Travis Morgan's death?

GOOD THING: All questions of continuity aside, it IS still a hoot to see most of the members of both Teams of Six winding up in a jungle/fantasy outfit... and to see Catman riding a giant white tiger in the Warlord armor.

The Final Verdict: An enjoyable read, though it raises a lot of questions for fans of The Warlord regarding a lot of things that don't seem to jibe with the characters or the ending of Mike Grell's recent series.

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