Thursday, November 11, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Birds Of Prey #6

BAD THING: I fear that this moment - in which Dinah mentions her best friend and then the love of her life in the same breath before going into a certain-death situation and just what exactly that implies about the Babara Gordon/Dinah Lance relationship (two words - lesbee friends) - may result in a large number of conservative comic-reader heart attacks.

And this would be bad because I don't want Gail Simone to have any deaths on her conscience. She's far too sweet for that.

GOOD THING: I do not think Huntress, who challenges Lady Shiva to a duel to the death in order to stop Dinah from doing the same, has ever been written this awesomely.

The Final Verdict: Apart from the fact that Chuck Dixon and his fans probably need to be placed on a suicide watch following this issue, I can't think of a single bad thing about this comic.


  1. *LOL*
    Yeah, that just made me go SQUEE! ^__^

  2. Hahaha Helena you beautiful bitch. Anything that involves Shiva getting a drink dumped on her .. I approve.

  3. Amazingly, Shiva isn't a bad guy in this one.
    Well, okay she IS. But she only shows up because Dinah put forth a challenge to her, under duress from White Canary, and she has honestly been wanting a chance to test Dinah again for a while. Of course Helena short-circuits the whole plan by challenging Shiva first.
    When Dinah calls an end to the fight, pointing out that the challenge can be halted and resumed later if both parties agree to continue the fight at another time, Shiva stands with the Birds as they stare down White Canary. Because above all else, Shiva hates being used as someone else's tool.