Thursday, November 18, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Green Lantern Corps #54

BAD THING: Based on the cover art, my worries regarding last issue and Soranik becoming a girl-hostage for the sake of the story appear to have been well-founded.

GOOD THING: Thankfully, Soranik isn't in kept in bondage for any part of the issue. Indeed, the whole issue is a real treat and does explore one aspect of the Green Lantern mythos that somehow went ignored during The Sinestero Corps War. Namely, how the Qwardians of the Anti-Matter universe were not willing partners with The Sinestero Corps but slaves to the will of Sinestero. This explains a lot of what we saw in the earlier series but was never stated outright.

The Final Verdict: A solid issue with a worrisome cover, that ads some insight into The Sinestro Corps War and some extra background to a group of villains that have been curiously absent from the Green Lantern mythos ever since Rebirth.


  1. Too heavily inked, aye.
    Luckily the interior art is better.

  2. and why shouldn't she be a hostage? She's been a Lantern, for what, maybe a year? Against a guy they're building as a threat to two of the best Lantern's ever.

  3. They've only been building this guy up for two issues, though. And they just now explained his power/gimmick. It just seemed kinda weird him being able to take her on when she's one of the best of the new generation of Lanterns.

  4. Hammer, wing-helmet, goggles...
    Are they fighting Steampunk Thor or something?

  5. No. A Weaponeer of Qward. The HEAD Weaponeer of Qward, if his story can believed...