Sunday, November 7, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Brightest Day #13

GOOD THING: I'd never been a big fan of Hawkman but I loved Geoff Johns' writing enough that back in the day, when he was writing Hawkman's solo book, I gave it a shot. It became a consistent favorite and this issue, in which Johns focuses almost entirely upon the Hawkman/Hawkwoman storyline reminded me of just why his run on Hawkman was so awesome... even for someone who didn't really like Hawkman.

BAD THING: Speak of late, lamented titles from back in the day... am I the only one disappointed that Mitch Shelley (aka The Resurrection Man) only had a brief cameo in this book and that was rendered totally anti-climactic by the no-surprise announcement of just who the White Lantern is meant to be?

The Final Verdict: A good read for us nostalgia buffs and fans of Hawkman, despite an anti-climactic ending. And in case you haven't seen the many adverts yet.... Bruce Wayne is supposed to be the next White Lantern.

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