Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good News! JMS Off Superman and Wonder Woman. Bad News! His storylineswill continue.

SOURCE:You'll Believe a Man Can Take a Sabbatical: J. Michael Straczynski Leaves Monthly Comics

Cheers to Chris Roberson (who deserved a high profile gig after his amazing Fables: Cinderella mini-series) and Phil Hester, who are going to be in charge of Superman and Wonder Woman respectively after this. They both deserve the high profile gigs.

Shame they won't be getting to write their own stories, but hey... wake me when we have the real Wonder Woman back, okay?


  1. The faux Wondy and the Amazons who don't fight back...

  2. the Amazons have fought back.
    But when you're slaughtered everytime you fight you do really want to come up with other options.

  3. And waiting around for a savior chosen by the same goddess that is screwing you over? THAT is an option?