Monday, September 20, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Brightest Day #10

BAD THING: More Firestorm scenes we don't really care about. This time around we learn that basically the only thing stopping Ronnie Raymond from accidentally destroying the universe is Jason Rusch repressing his very natural desire to beat the living snot out of the jackass who killed his girlfriend and is ruining his life. So yeah... look for the DCU to reboot itself again in three months.

GOOD THING: I think this may well be the first time this sentence has been used before so bear with me: The scenes with Aquaman and Black Manta kick ass!

Seriously, Geoff Johns needs to abandon this storyline and get to work on writing a monthly Aquaman title.

The Final Verdict: The Aquaman stuff is cool. The Firestorm stuff is annoying. All in all, it balances out.

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