Thursday, September 2, 2010

Neil Gaiman's Sandman being adapted into TV Series.

SOURCE: "Sandman" comic book being adapted as a TV show

I was skeptical about this when I first heard the rumor a few days ago. But since Yahoo is running it on the front page - well, bigger people than me are risking looking foolish, so I might as well spread the word.

On the whole, I think we have reason to be hopeful. I'm somewhat wary that they're apparently shopping the show around because this could mean we'll wind up with angsty teen Endless on the CW in Fall 2011 if nobody else picks up on it.

Ideally, we should have it on HBO or Showtime where they can stick pretty faithfully to the script without having to worry overly much about covering up naughty bits or the fact that The Devil Hisself is a sympathetic character.

But hey - having the guy behind Supernatural is a good sign that they're going to stick to the horror roots of the book if nothing else.


  1. I'm not sure to be hopeful or not. *lol* I'd like Neil Gaiman to be involved, at least....

  2. Well, so would I. But given his experiences with Jon Peters, I'm not sure how hip Neil would be to giving it the old college try.
    All things considered, I'm amazed DC hasn't gone to him to ask permission on this yet, given how respectful they are about the use of the Sandman characters.

  3. I'll hope for HBO. though aren't they doing game of thrones so maybe showtime.

  4. Hey, they're also doing True Blood and THAT'S based on a book.