Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Birds of Prey #4

I'm going to cheat a bit and list several good things, in the interest of calming the fears of some fans I know who were worried about certain aspects of this story.


1. With just one panel and three sentences, Gail Simone and Ed Benes have undone all the damage done to Dinah's character by the Andrew Kreisberg run of Green Arrow/Black Canary. Dinah officially knew about her mother's secret life and was raised by her uncles as the proud daughter of a superheroine. Officially. :)

2. It turns out that Savant wasn't really planning to go bad - all promises made to Penguin to the contrary. The truth is that he planned to commit suicide and wanted Oracle to have a front row seat to it after he told her about how much he had suffered as her agent.

3. This moment, in which Dinah, who has been hampered from using her powers and by her desire to avoid crossing the line and ending the fight quickly - finally is given a chance to shine as she faces down The White Canary... even as she apologizes to the spirit of her sensei for using what he taught her lethally.

BAD THING: In all of this, the scene with Huntress and Dove having to deal with The Penguin and a wounded Hawk and Lady Blackhawk seems like an after-thought.

The Final Verdict: A solid issue which shows why Simone and Benes are the best in the business.


  1. What annoyed me about -that- Hawk and Dove scene was that, well, Hawk and Dove don't -have- to focus to change - they just needed to -say the word- and change.
    So Hawk could, you know, say the name, and switch to Hawk, where Hawk's healing powers would've dealt with this.
    So, essentially, if Hank has the strength to -talk-... he really should have the strength to -be- Hawk.
    Unless they've started switching up the powers so that whatever's giving Hawk and Dove their powers -ain't- T'charr and Terataya anymore. If that's what's up...

  2. Dude, you know Hawk and Dove like I know Green Arrow, so your guess is a lot better than mine.

  3. ....
    I'm heads over heels in love with that panel with Ted and Alan. I'm tearing up son of a bitch. Its like the most adorable thing ever. SO ... who the fuck is white canary.

  4. I'll tell you in PM so as not to spoil anyone here.