Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Brightest Day #7

BAD THING: We finally get a full glimpse of what the resurrected heroes and villains have been brought back to accomplish... and we still don't have any idea what they are supposed to be trying to accomplish, save that it ties into finding a new Entity. Ten To One it's Dove.

GOOD THING: At least we know Miss Martian is still alive and well. It would really suck for her to be dead just in time for the new Young Justice cartoon.

The Final Verdict: I think I may stop reviewing this book if things don't pick up. I'll still read it but - as far as the plot line goes, so far it's been much ado about nothing.


  1. Gotta admit. This book got dropped due to money constraints. And because it didn't really hold my interest. I'm still interested in the Deadman/White Lantern connection. And why Max Lord of all people also got a second chance. But that's really all I care about. And I don't even think they're touching on the second one much in this series anyway.

  2. Too true. Too true. Hell, if I weren't so committed to seeing this all through to the end, I'd consider dropping it.

  3. Well, the cash was definitely the deal breaker. I probably would have hung around longer to see if anything happened if I had more money to throw around.