Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So here's a little something I've been working on the last few days...


What do you all think?


  1. I think that's pretty damn awesome! Good job!

  2. Well, to be fair I did copy/paste a lot of the entries from the Green Arrow page.
    But then again, I wrote a lot of those entries for the Green Arrow page... :)

  3. Well, that's thorough!
    I've thought about cooking up a Tvtropes page or two myself, but never got around to it. Hmm.
    Regardless, well done, sir!

  4. Dammit I'm stuck in TV Tropes and can't get out!
    Some minor nitpicks:
    - the Domino mask wasn't part of Dinah Drake's costume originally. It was a plot point in her first ever adventure, accidentally repeated in her second, and never seen again.
    Except when artists didn't do the research.
    - the 80s costume was burnt on the cover of Action Comics (I think), but definitely not Grell's Green Arrow.
    - I have no idea if it's a Captain Ersatz or another trope, but is there anyway of working in the debt the character has to the Silk Spectre (who is, I think, the meta origin of Dinah Lance's middle name?)
    I love you for doing this.

  5. Well, the nice thing about nit-picking a TV Tropes page is that you can easily edit it yourself. :)
    That's a fair point on the domino mask but since it was a part of her costume in the most recent Dinah Drake flashbacks in Birds of Prey, I THINK the comment can still stand if you change it to "briefly had it as part of her costume".
    I thought that was the case on the 80s costume re: The Burning, but I hadn't had time to double check. That was one of the entries I copy/pasted from the Green Arrow page.
    I think that might be Expy rather than Captain Ersatz, but...
    Wait? Silk Spectre from Watchmen or was there another one?

  6. I don't now the tropes very well, but yeah. Didn't the mother/daughter retcon come after Watchmen? And I'm sure I read that Laurie was the inspiration for Dinah's middle name being Laurel.
    (Point taken about editing, but I'd rather talk to you then edit a wiki)

  7. No, the mother/daughter retcon was in '83. Watchmen came out after that.
    Nightshade from the old Charlton comics was the main source of inspiration for Silk Specter (she was Captain Atom's partner) but according to Wikipedia (for what that is worth as a source), Moore did say that he used other pulp martial arts heroines like Black Canary as a model for the character.
    So really, Silk Specter is an expy of Black Canary if anything else.
    Still worth an entry, though. For that matter I could add in Black Siren from that one Justice League episode and wasshername from Squadron Supreme...
    Oh, and I've already corrected the note re: Dinah burning her costume. It was Action Comics #609 which came out in 1988. About the same time AS The Grell run starting up, so I can see why whoever wrote that getting confused.

  8. Okay. All fixed. Looking better?

  9. Implied? I thought it was pretty, uh... obvious the way Ray was zipping around that he'd lost his virginity to Dinah. (Check for yourself, Ray vol 2 #11)
    I mean, if you had, you'd be broadcasting it to the world... and that's pretty close to what he's doing in that issue.

  10. Yes, I would. But I'm a sad, lonely, heartbroken man.
    And I've never seen the issue in question, so I don't really know the circumstances.
    This was right after Ollie died, wasn't it?

  11. Ray 11 was dated April 95.
    Green Arow 100 was dated September 95.
    So before.
    Dinah's been basically through a long harrowing experience, and uh, emotions got the better of her.
    I sent you the relevant scans.

  12. Nice job! It must be hard keeping tenses and whatnot straight with all the parallel worlds and retcons in her history. That was very thorough.
    Can't say I like the image, though.