Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our First View of the Green Lantern Movie

SOURCE:The Green Lantern Pictures Just Keep On Coming

Not only do we have pictures of Hal Jordan in costume, we have pictures of him out of costume, with Carol Ferris, before and after pictures of Hector Hammond (with Amanda Waller in the background) and a background shot of Hector Hammond's lab where he is examining Abin Sur's body.

All in all, I like what I see here.

Sure, the "ribbed for her pleasure" (expect to see that joke repeated everywhere) bodysuit wasn't what I was expecting. But so long as there's no rubber defined nipples, I see no reason to panic.

So please, my fellow Green Lantern fans, maintain your calm and use that willpower you wish to emulate to avoid giving into fear.

Yes, the costume is different from any costume we've seen in the comics. But given how frequently the Green Lantern costume has changed and evolved over the years, that's hardly surprising. To be quite frank, I'm amazed we got a bodysuit with a mask and a glowing, recognizable GL Logo. If that doesn't comfort you, consider that Hal is wearing a brown leather bomber jacket as part of his street clothes... just like in the comics. Trust me - that's a MUCH better sign that the people running things are staying true to the spirit of the character than that they've tweaked the design on the superhero uniform a bit.

For goodness sake, I've seen far too many rants and seen far too many people I count as friends swearing that this movie is going to be a complete disaster just because of a few photos! And some of the reasons are just plain silly. So what if the ring design seems to be based on Kyle's ring rather than the classic Silver Age one? You know why that is? Because the logo shows up better on that style ring. Branding, kids. It's all about the branding.

And to answer perhaps the most insane complaint I've seen yet... yes, the costume in skin-tight and doesn't leave a lot to the imagination. Big deal. To the one fan who I've read complaining about how this is all some desperate attempt to appeal to the Ryan Reynolds fangirls and bring them in to watch the movie, I have this to say.

Suck it up.

Seriously?! Are you're afraid that that the womenfolk might come and menstruate all over the theater while you're trying to get your geek on? Or that gay men might be getting their hearts aflutter over a nice ass? Well, get over yourself. The geek girls and gay geek guys deserve their R&R beefcake!


  1. My variation of that comment was "Ribbed for the Black Widow's pleasure".

  2. I'm taking a wait and see approach. Just the costume won't make me freak....

  3. Heh. Suddenly I'm imagining Scarlet as Lady Blackhawk.

  4. Exactly my point.
    The news that Hal is now a Broadway dancer instead of a fighter pilot... THAT would be cause for concern.

  5. Is it wrong that I'm dressing her as a Star Sapphire with my mind?

  6. Old costume or new costume?
    Because if it's new costume, I think you're stretching the definition of "dressing". XD

  7. Suck it up is right. Those same fanboy love skin tight on their superheroines. I am for equal opportunity.

  8. Of course, I suppose that COULD be a comfort to those threatened by the idea of seeing Ryan's Reynolds in skintight CGIed Spandex - know that Blake Lively will be in something similar in the next movie.

  9. WAit ... ummmm just saying... looking back on the GL costumes (non alan scott versions) those boys have not exactly had much breathing room... so yeah even if it wasn't ryan reynolds... someother dude would be wearing the skin tight green pajamas. Though sorry one moment.. *sigh Ryan....*

  10. Look closely. That's not a suit. That's -skin-. Kinda awesome, but it raises (tee-hee) questions below the belt.