Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Conan The Cimmerian #22

GOOD THING: Truman has been building to this adaptation of Howard's own Iron Shadows In The Moon for a while now. As before, he does not disappoint, keeping Howard's text intact while adding precious few flourishes to better fit the story into the graphic novel artform.

BAD THING: The coloring is very odd at times, with only the heavy inks saving the details from being totally blended into the background.

The Final Verdict: A classic Robert E. Howard story, masterfully adapted for comics. This is a good point to jump on if, for some reason other than not liking sword-and-sorcery, you aren't reading this book.


  1. I like these colors. They suit Conan.

  2. Oh, for the most part they are very good. It's just at times they tend to blend strangely... like Olivia (Conan's current female companion) looking like she's a part of the foliage she's lying on, the way her skin is colored.