Friday, July 30, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Warlord #16

GOOD THING: What can I say except that this book has more wonderful Mike Grell artwork and a lot of poster-worthy pages?

BAD THING: This is the final issue of the series and it is plainly obvious that they rushed to get everything that Grell had planned into the issues left following the series' cancellation.

Even Grell - who is famous for packing as much action into every page as he can - seems to be pushing the limit for just how much can be accomplished in a single issue here. While this does help to keep things moving, it does leave us with anti-climactic moments such as the alien fleet threatening the Earth AND The Final Battle (and we really mean it this time) with the evil wizard Deimos both being resolved over the span of four pages.

Still, we do get an ending of sorts with Skartaris seemingly sealed off for all time from the outside world, the story of Travis Morgan being sent to the outside world as a memorial of the now lost land and the man who laid the groundwork for some kind of civilization being built there.

The Final Verdict: It feels like a rushed conclusion, because that's what it is. Still, the artwork is vintage Grell and it is nice to see the Warlord saga get a definite ending, however haphazard.

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