Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Doctor Who Annual 2010

BAD THING: Most of these stories suffer from baring superficial resemblances to elements form the recent 5th Series of the Doctor Who TV Show. While it is highly unlikely - given the production cycle of the average comic book - that these are intentional rip-offs, it does still leave the reader saying "Oh, well, this story about the man who is really a robotic doomsday device is just like Victory of the Daleks. And this man who claims to be a companion of The Doctor who he hasn't met yet is just like River Song!"

GOOD THING: For all the elements that seem derivative of other Doctor Who stories, none of the stories here are really that bad. Indeed, the best of the lot - Ground Control - is a truly original tale involving The Doctor having to deal with being stopped by a space cop for the galactical equivalent of a broken tail light and then having things progressively get worse as questions start being asked about "what is in the trunk?" Metaphorically speaking.

The Final Verdict: A solid collection of Doctor Who stories ruined only by bad timing that makes certain elements seem derivative of Series 5 stories the writers couldn't have possibly seen... unless they somehow have access to a TARDIS.


  1. Maybe these were early drafts that went in different directions from the scripts as shot?

  2. Doubtful, as Steven Moffat (the show runner/head writer for Doctor Who) has nothing to do with the writing of the comics.